Our Story

Goes to 1974

Our story goes back to the days of 1974 when our great-father Chichk Kha.Rabhi saw a golden opportunity in the lands of Sidi Bouzid. Realizing the great potential of these lands he built the first windmill there. Almost 20 years later, the eldest of his sons, followed the footsteps of his father and upgraded the company to “Sommoun” in 1991 preserving the family legacy by also building a second windmill.
Wanting the betterment of the company...

Wanting the betterment of the company, the third generation of our family also contributed into the modernization of “Sommoun” by introducing the lastest olive crushing machines and accordingly optimizing the extraction costs and the low consumption of water amidst many other advantages.
In 2019

we came up with our own proper brand “Terrolea”

In 2019, in order to pay tribute to the hard work put into the selection of the product and its enhancement, we came up with our own proper brand “Terrolea”: a family, a terroir, and a savoir-faire.Blending our ancestral knowledge with modernity, we were able to produce for you the finest of Terrolea olive oils promising a broad range of aromas which is found close to both our local and international clients.